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What is SuperSafe1000xPolyMoonToken

SuperSafe1000xPolyMoonToken is the next generation of high throughput quantum entanglement blockchain technology. We combined standard blockchain methodologies with Nano ledger entries to increase throughput to a theoretical maximum of 1 quadrillion transactions per second. This future gen technology (based on DNA sequencing and hyper dark matter) with function seemlessly with lesser blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum through quasi-amulated hyperledging technology.


How do we acheive 1 quadrillion transactions per second? I'm glad you asked. We use future tech CPUs built by AMD in 2050, these future CPUs are sent back through time in a quantum tunnel and provide encryption so powerful that even your average deity could not crack it.

Is SuperSafe1000xPolyMoonToken a scam?


It is not unreasonable to be wary of anything you find on the World Wide Web, especially when it comes to the financial trading markets. However, you can be assured that SuperSafe1000xPolyMoonToken is not one of these frauds.

SuperSafe1000xPolyMoonToken IS "SUPER SAFE"

SuperSafe1000xPolyMoonToken price trend and future projection

The value of a token is determined by the demand. Because SuperSafe1000xPolyMoonToken has an infinite supply with more tokens produced every second there is never-ending demand which means value only goes up!!!

Number go up!!!

Token details

Token Name: SuperSafe1000xPolyMoonToken
Token Ticket:  
Token Type: ERC20
Total Supply:
Decimal: 18
Contract Address:  

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